Virtual Stopwatch Pro

Virtual Stopwatch Pro 4.0

Displays a multi-functional stopwatch on the user's screen
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Spring Creek Software Company

Adds a stopwatch to your screen, which is also usable as a timer with an alarm or time logging tool. Its appearance is customizable by choosing between the analog and digital display, selecting one of your own WAV files as the alarm and by modifying its colors.

Virtual Stopwatch Pro is a feature packed clock program for Windows 9x, NT, 2000, or XP. It functions as a stopwatch, a timer, or a clock. Time events with up to 1/1000th of a second accuracy for up to 24000 days. Countdown to a specific date and time. Virtual Stopwatch supports a full featured time logging system. Log accounts allow you to log time to separate projects. Log data can be edited, exported, and printed in reports. You can create alarms that beep, play a WAV file, run a program, and display a message. The graphic time readout is completely configurable and can be shown as an analog or digital display. The Pro version allows you to create a very large digital display, supports a number of command line options, speaks the time, and is controllable via the joystick port. Check out the many other features not mentioned here.

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